**UPDATE: There was a server crash and all the PDFs and most images were lost–I am so sorry! I am working hard to replace these for everyone, but it will take some time.

Welcome fellow guitarists!  Walkerguitar was created as a resource for you!  There is a little something for you in whatever level of playing you like: rock, blues, metal, acoustic…check it out.  If you’re a beginner then take a look at the beginner’s section for a step-by-step curriculum to get you started playing confidently and correctly.  If you’re into more rock stuff then check out the rock section for a custom regiment there too.  All lessons have downloadable PDF documents of tablature to follow along with at home.  Please feel free to click the subscribe link—this will give you access to the forum, our email list and lessons I create-—it’s totally free and here for you.  Walkerguitar is user driven and supported, without spam and pop-ups.  Come join the community!

How To Use This Site

These courses have been created by me over the course of 3+ years for your enjoyment.  Please consider donating via the Paypal link on the site homepage to help me pay the server costs and keep the site free for those who can’t afford to donate.  Your support is greatly appreciated!

All the lessons on the top menu bar–feel free to browse as you like.  When I add new lessons (to expand in these core menus) I place them based on where they fit best so that new users get the best step-by-step learning experience.  All new posts also appear in the right sidebar so check there too.  All other new lessons will be put where they fit best.  Beginners should supplement their time exploring the Basic Musicianship and the Practice Exercises sections to get a well-rounded experience. Remember to click the big blue “subscribe” button to join the email list and get forum access. Keep up the pickin’!

– Coire