Hello web surfer!  My name is Coire Walker and I am a full-time guitar teacher in Brooklyn, NY. Walkerguitar.com is a website I created for guitarists, free of charge. There are over 175 lessons currently available, all on video and complete with full documentation to follow along with.  Documents are in PDF form and are either above or below the video in blue font ending in “PDF”.   There’s also a user forum, newsletter and email list. I handle everything from the planning side, to the shooting and editing, to the notation and release of content. Lessons are done weekly or bi-weekly, or even monthly, depending on my schedule. Donations from users keep the site up and running and help supplement my time in production, so please consider giving a little if you find something useful here. This is a labor of love currently, but I hope to expand it globally and build a large following over time.

Feel free to contact me via your method of choice if you are interested in taking lessons with me in person or on Skype–I would love to work with you. All ages are welcome!

Regarding Walker Guitar (and music in general) I believe that things like these should not be sold with only profit in mind, or withheld from those who cannot afford to purchase them–the learning process is too important to ruin with a corporate attitude. Education is hard enough as it is, and things need to be clear and comprehensive, fun and encouraging (especially when studied at home) and if they’re not, then the world is no better off. I want learning guitar (and education in general) to be free and accessible to everyone around the world. I’ve done my best to create a website around these beliefs. I get pretty excited when I think about it.  Enjoy the site, and practice hard!